Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Attack of the Laundry!

This is my day today.

Well, this and a mountain of laundry. Yes, folks, as has become the norm, I am blogging from the laundromat! And, since I'm working on there being less clutter and junk in my personal environment, these notebooks came with me today. I've ripped out the pages that have things written on them, and today is all about putting them in to my laptop.

Did I mention that I have a new one? Probably not, since I haven't written on this blog since getting it. It's another Acer, and because I'm affectionately continuing my trend of naming computers after fictional technology, I'm naming it the "Holly-Hop-Drive". Now, the question is if any of you will get the reference!

Things finally came to the point with my old netbook where I could no longer tolerate how badly it was falling apart. When the wrong button-press bluescreens it, and tilting the display wrong renders it gray until a restart, you can only do so much -- and there was the unreliable WLAN, which would sometimes stay connected for two hours, and other times for two minutes. So when I saw a good deal on a better one on Amazon, I couldn't pass it up.

Now it's time to swap out to the dryer, and get to work on typing up all this crap. Hopefully I'll put up more uselessness soon! I've got a few post ideas that I'm working on, so the next post might suck less than this one does!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Be awesome

I think I've started close to a dozen different posts in the just-over-a-month since I posted last. There's always been an issue, whether it just feels wrong, or I'm trying to blog from my phone and lose my train of thought, things like that. There's been a theme popping through a few different things I've watched/listened to/read lately, and that is this: Do what you want to do. Or, to put it how the 'book' I read yesterday said, "if you want to be awesome, do awesome shit".

Maybe not an exact quote, but it'll be pretty close. You can thank my soon-to-be brother-in-law for that one, as he's been telling everyone on his Facebook to read the free 15-page book, The Universe Doesn't Give A Flying Fuck About You. The author likens existence in the universe to the existence of a beetle in Times Square. Nobody is out to get that beetle, but nobody is out to help it out either -- because the universe doesn't care, and if you want to do something, just do it.

It kind of kicked me in to "why the fuck am I putting off my writing" overdrive, so last night I started re-plotting Project: SAMSON. Heck, I even brought it to the laundromat with me today, so I have no excuse to work on it when my laptop's dwindling battery reaches 1% and I still have time left on the dryer.

Speaking of my rapidly dying craptop, I decided to give Linux a shot, and I think I might switch over entirely. I'm enjoying the feel of Linux Mint, and the whole command-line aspect isn't nearly as frightening as I thought it would be.

Time to switch out the laundry now. I'll try to not take another freaking month to put a too-long spiel of uselessness up again. :)