Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The one where I’m Super Excited!

YES! It’s true! Despite the various woes of life and the dreariness of job-searching in this little town, I really am Super Excited!


What’s got me in such a great mood, you may ask. Is it the fact that I’ve got Random Ramblings back to regular updates after some serious slacking off from mid-December until yesterday? Maaaaybe. Is it because I have my payday this Friday and get my income tax the following week, which means I’ll be able to buy the plane ticket for my trip? Maaaaybe.


But what is REALLY causing my Good Mood and general Super Excited-ness is… WRITING! I’ve been looking at submissions guidelines for comic book companies, and came away from it surprisingly hopeful! This got me brainstorming ideas, and I’m happy to say that I’ve started outlining one of them.


As per most of the companies’ submissions guidelines, I’ll be outlining the entirety of the story, which will probably mean going with a miniseries instead of an ongoing. Completely cool with me, since limited series have a much higher chance of a company risking money that they would waste if they had to cancel an ongoing due to shitty sales.


I’ve also got a semi-local friend who might be doing the art for my project, provided she’s interested in what I come up with! If everything goes according to my very loose time-table, I should have a submission ready to be sent off by summer – late summer, if things deviate from the plan.


Hope you will keep following along! If everything works out, I’ll spoil little bits here, like whatever the final title ends up being and such. Maybe even some art here and there! Wouldn’t that be cool?