Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kal-El-mas Eve 2010

Another year, another Christmas Eve family get-together. All the insanity that I’ve grown used to over the years, despite one of my aunts making an attempt to keep us all organized and to keep the chaos to a minimum. 

Aunt D: “Okay, now everyone calm down, and let’s all be patient.”

J (sister): [Laughs]

Me: “You do realize that we’re crazy every year, right?”

Aunt D: “Yes, but this time, 95% of us are adults.”

That didn’t work out as well as she expected. She didn’t make that much of an effort, either. Things started off sort of orderly with everyone in the room getting a gift from the same person, and all of us opening them one by one, and then proceeded to devolve into chaos. People started talking over each other, and weren’t waiting until everyone got gifts to open the one they’d just been handed – so, business as usual at my Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve.


Despite not getting what I was looking forward to (and had been led to expect), I still had a good time appreciating my family’s insanity, and being thankful for the gifts that I did get. And as far as I’m concerned, I had a pretty good haul this year: a DVD player (which I’ll be letting my mother use, so I can take my PS2 back from her), an amazingly comfortable robe (or is it ‘housecoat’ when it’s a ‘man-robe’), pajama pants, black slippers, a box of five different kinds of hot sauces from boring jalapeƱo to a yummy habanero (which I’ve gotten three years in a row now, and enjoy), a nice button-down shirt, and a gorgeous wolf-themed knife.


The wolf knife is one that I’ll have to put up a picture of, when I can get one. The aunt that bought it never asks most of us what we want for Christmas, but as far as I’m concerned, always buys some of the coolest shit. A couple years ago, it was a collection of small wolf sculptures of varying colors, with tribal designs on them. Last year, it was a wool wolf blanket.


This year, the knife she got has a handle made to look kind of like bone, with a metal-etched wolf set into the center of the handle, and a wolves-in-the-snow scene painted on the blade in a great-looking set of metallic paints. It’s probably the coolest thing I’ve gotten from her, ever since she found out that I really love wolves and eagles. Before that, she used to get just random cool stuff, and a package of socks. I kind of wish that she still got socks, because they’re always disappearing. And they’re not nearly as pleasant to replace when it’s your own money paying for them.


So, how was everyone’s Christmas this year? Or if your family hasn’t had their Christmas get-together yet, what are you expecting? Any funny things that usually happen? Or any gifts that you’re reeeeally looking forward to? Let’s hear it! Smile


And lastly, merry Kal-El-mas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wow, it’s been a while

November 6th was the last post here?


I guess that wouldn’t be a long time to some, but with the whole (usually) “daily update” thing over at Random Ramblings, a month and a half – almost – feels like a really long time. I suppose I should update you on how things are going in the life of Barlow, eh?


    • MOVING – I don’t remember if I mentioned this in the last post, since I’d’ve just found out about it a day or two prior, but my mother (who I’ve been supporting for a while) and I had to move out of the house that we were in and into a new place. The new place is a lot smaller, and it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to pack a five-bedroom, two-story house into a one-story, two-bedroom house.
    • NEW HOUSE – The new place may be small, but its got a lot of potential, which is why we chose to move into it. When we first looked at it, it looked like hell, and the neighbor has since informed us that the people who lived there were heavily into drugs. Since then, we’ve done a LOT of cleaning, and it’s looking a lot better. I planned to take pictures before we moved stuff in, but that ended up being impossible. When we’re fully set-up in there, I’ll snap some pictures for you folks.
    • BEARD – The beard abides.
    • RANDOM RAMBLINGS – There is a cool article over on the main site today, from one of my writers, Em. She’s got a cool (albeit not-recently-updated) blog of her own, and wrote a good article about all the bullshit with Wikileaks and Julian Assange that’s been going on, and if you checked this today, then her article’s right there on the front of the page.
    • FITNESS – So my plan at the beginning of this year was something of an EPICFAIL. Sort of, anyway. If I remember right, I didn’t limit myself to having it in place this year, and I have finally started to work towards it. I’ve been eating healthier (salad almost every day for lunch, smaller portions, and healthier breakfasts and lunches), and plan to start a modified version of the Couch To 5K program at the beginning of January (to keep it even).
    • WORK – As always, there are issues at work. I’m getting by, though, and continuing to do the best that I can. I don’t mind most of the people that I work with, but I am looking around for other work. I’ve got a possibility on the horizon, with a bank, so that’s cool. I’ve also got hope of being a paid blogger, possibly as soon as the first half of next year. In the last month, my AdSense totals have jumped from 90 cents to a little over $9, which means I’m (almost) 10% of the way to getting a $100 check from AdSense. It’s not much, but once you start getting paid for writing, the confidence inspired from it will help generate a forward momentum to the point where I will be earning a living with my writing.


That’s really all that I can think of for now, I suppose. You guys are always welcome to ask anything you want, though!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It’s a nostalgia type of day



Fellow 90’s kids, do you recognize why that wrapper would’ve been as good as gold to any of us, back in the day? If you don’t, be ashaaaaaamed.


Tootsie Roll Pops were what I was SO EXCITED about when I was a little kid, even though I didn’t like very many of the flavors. Because if you saw that star-shooting Native American, YOU COULD GET ONE FOR FREE! All you had to do was take the rare, prized wrapper to a store and BAM! Free Tootsie Roll Pop!


I saw one of these at work, when a guest asked me to throw away their kid’s wrapper. It made me chuckle, so I looked up pictures on Google Images and found that one somewhere, don’t remember where.


The last few days have been really nostalgia-filled anyway. I’ve seen people talking online about all sorts of shows that I used to watch way back when, like Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Secret World of Alex Mack, and the SNICK line-up. Oh, and the always unforgettable Legends of the Hidden Temple. Not to mention a recent crack-fic idea I had for Green Lantern to be mixed with Captain Planet… Open-mouthed smile

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

30 Days Of Truth: Hate

So yesterday was the first day of my not-too-sane idea to do NaNoWriMo, 30 Days Of Truth and more, all in one month. Yesterday's was SUPPOSED to be "Something you hate about yourself", but I just remembered, so that's why you're getting the first Day Of Truth now.

What is something I hate about myself? I'll take this opportunity to say 'forgetfulness'. I have a really bad habit, and always have had it, of forgetting things or getting really off-topic, really bad.

When I was a kid and later, a teen, I would be asked by my grandparents to get something from another room. I'd agree, walk out of the room, pause and realize that I'd forgotten. Those were, I'd wager, largely due to not paying that much attention, but it's always been a pain, to have memory issues.

It's only recently that I've started remembering REALLY early things, mostly brought to mind by external stimuli like a family member asking if I remember things. But there are things later than that, that I only know happened because someone else swears it's how it happened, and it seems likely.

That one is how things are with my closest and longest-term friend, a guy named Tony. I've known him longer than I remember, and with his account of how we met, details put that at almost 20 years ago, when I was 4 or 5. But if he's wrong, I have noooo clue.

Anyone else have memory issues? Or, hell, want to share something that you hate about yourself?
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

In consideration of others, please check your sanity at the door…

… because I sure as hell have.


While I would have previously considered myself on the edge of sanity – despite statements of my own, my peers, and three licensed professionals that I was well past the edge – I can now agree with them, that I must be, in a few vulgar words, fucking batshit crazy. ‘Why change your mind now?’, you may ask, and I have an answer. Or, more accurately, three answers.


  1. National Novel Writing Month
  2. Random Ramblings
  3. 30 Days of Truth


All of that is going on in November, which means that I will be [A] working on a 50,000-word (minimum) novel, [B] writing reviews and other blogs for my main site, and [C] blogging on this site with a “30 Days of Truth”, where thirty days of posts follow a specific list, sort of a series of ‘honesty prompts’.


On top of all of that, I have also started up a third blog called LOLitics and ReligiFAIL, where I’ll be discussing any/all things related to religion and politics. I predict that the majority of my posts will be rants, either at things that are happening, or things that could happen, or against religious retards, like the “Rants Against Religious Stupidity” that I’ve done a few times on Random Ramblings.


If I’m not crazy now, then I fully expect to be at the end of November, when all this shit (should be) over and done with. So hop on the ride and watch me lose my fucking mind! =]

Friday, October 29, 2010

In Defense of the Beard

“Why do you let something grow on your face that grows wild on your ass?”

Those are the words of one of my grandfathers, when talking to someone about their beard. Yes, my blunt (and brutal) honestly does have a familial predecessor – or a few – but on this one… I SAY THEE NAY!

There is power in the beard that cannot be harnessed by those without. Older (wiser?) civilizations such as the ancient Greeks wouldn’t even consider someone to be a man until they could grow a beard! An ancient Greek saying even stated that there are two types of people that walk around without beards: women and children.

Join me in rebellion against those who hate the beard!


NOTE: I am not as glowy white as that picture makes me look. Poor lighting and shitty 2-megapixel camera, not a good combo.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nerdery is hereditary; Parents (and guardians) get it from their children

If you read my main site, you probably saw my post on Thursday morning talking about the new Earth-like (and likely inhabited) planet, Gliese 581g. In it, I go for some humor by proclaiming it to be Krypton, and declaring that “the Superman” will eventually come along.


I decided to have a little fun with it after that, too. When I thought that someone that I knew offline would find it funny, I told them, with a little bit more excitement and humor in that rendition. A few of these people read my site, and were already aware of my crazy idea, but one person guessed before I got to the end of it: my grandma.


Keep in mind that this woman is 60 years old and is not a nerd. She raised me, and used to think my oddities were ridiculous, and has slowly gotten more reasonable with time. I didn’t realize that the reason she was getting more accepting of my nerdiness was because it was turning her into a nerd! NERD is like a set of radioactive waves, mutating those around the nerds!


ME: This planet is Earth-like, but bigger. It’s in a constellation visible from Earth. And since it’s very likely inhabited, the would-be aliens would call their red star a sun…

GRANDMA: Isn’t that like where Superman is from?


I have never been so proud of this old woman. NERDS REPRESENT! :D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Best. Day. EVAR.

To those that say that celebrities never read their own Twitter accounts, and it’s all some publicist, I say “HA! YOU’RE WRONG!”. At the very least, some of the time you’re wrong, at least.


The reason I say that is the same reason for this post’s title – I got talked about by one of my favorite actresses on a UK-based radio station just a few minutes ago! Sinead Keenan, actress from the BBC series Being Human, who I’m in the process of working out an interview with (for my main site), mentioned me on Stratford Community Radio’s very last “Breakfastie Brunch” show.


Being Human’s Sinead Keenan (@SineadKeenan)


Not only did I get mentioned once, but twice, and discussed a bit on both times! Sinead played Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, and when I mentioned that I’d been rickrolled by Sinead Keenan, she talked about the tweet on the air and asked me to reply to her explaining what a rickroll was. I did, and she mentioned me again, to explain over the air.


Both times, the show hosts joked about whether or not I was related to Gary Barlow of Take That. To my knowledge, I’m not, but who knows? Maybe. After all, I did have relatives from the UK somewhere back in my family tree. There could be some super-distant relation! Hah! Maybe when I visit the UK, I can use that to pick up women! :P


That said, it’s a shame that it is the last “Breakfastie Brunch” show. It wasn’t my type of music for the most part, but it was still a fun broadcast and a great time hearing Sinead talk to me over the radio! So, go to the Stratford Community Radio website and listen to them some time, and keep an eye out for Being Human on TV!

The Day That Facebook Died

And we were singing, ‘Bye, bye, Mark Zuckerberg’s pie’….


Okay, yeah, we really weren’t. And by “we weren’t”, I mean “I wasn’t”. I didn’t even know about the Facebook FAILDEATHZOMGPOCALYPSE until well after it was over with. I was asleep when it happened, and found out when I woke up to get ready for work that evening.


No, I didn’t get actual texts proclaiming “NO, FACEBOOK IS DOWN WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH LIFE WITHOUT FARMVILLE?!”, but I did have a few texts from Twitter updates on the topic. People who had signed up for accounts and then left them unused for many months were suddenly tweeting about Facebook being down.


Some of them were “Man, I hope this isn’t permanent… :(“ type of updates, and some of them were more along the “Who cares? Let’s have fun with it” type. If I had been awake, and/or could’ve been bothered enough to give a shit, I definitely would have been the latter. Big deal, Facebook is down. It’s not like we weren’t finding ways on the internet to amuse ourselves and communicate with each other before it came around.


Stop Failing At Life. An outage of the book of faces isn’t the end of the world. Zombies are*. Everyone knows that.



*And, in order to encourage the Zompocalypse, shall we have Palin run for POTUS in 2012? If anything would kickstart it, that’d be it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Awesome text of awesomeness, or: Why I’m in a great mood

For years now, I’ve been a fan of Terry Brooks’ writing, starting with The Sword of Shannara, which I read… way back when I was still in the single-digit ages, I think. If I had to say for sure, I’d say probably around age eight or nine.


Quite a few months ago, my awesome friend Crystal notified me of a book signing that Brooks was having in Seattle, at the UW bookstore. To further emphasize her awesomeness, I should mention that I live in a small town a few hours away from Seattle, and she also worked out a ride for me with her mother, who was coming up for the signing, too.


We had to wait for Crystal to get off work, so we were a tiiiiiny bit late to the signing. When we got there and found some seating, Brooks was reading from his most recent book, before launching in to a Q-and-A session. I was lucky, and one of the last people who was able to ask a question. I don’t remember right off the top of my head what my question was, only what it involved: a staff that has appeared in one series in a major way, and in another series in a much more diminished capacity in the primary series. Fans will know that both series are, as of the last few years, connected and part of the same overall story, hence my curiosity about the staff.


Now, we can fast-forward to the other night at work. I was having a pretty rotten day on Thursday, having gone to court as support for my mother, in regards to my stepdad’s estate (loooong story there). That had taken all day, and was very emotionally-stressing, so I didn’t even get to sleep before work. I was in a foul mood, and then I got this text:

“Omg new book on the 24th :) and signing at the U bookstore and the title is about the staff that you asked about!!!”

To say that I had a jaw-drop reaction would be an understatement. I’m not entirely sure that my jaw didn’t travel all the way to the core of the damn planet. The answer that I’d gotten on the staff question was sort of a non-answer, and if I remember right, Mr. Brooks almost acted like he hadn’t even realized the connection. With this title now known to me, I figure that he was just not wanting to say too much.


Regardless, I’d like to live in my own fantasy world where my question caused Mr. Brooks to consider devoting more thought to the staff, while I eagerly await the 24th, so that I can read Bearers of the Black Staff that I had a hand in naming – nay, that I had a hand in creating*. (Not really, but hey, that’s why it’s my fantasy world.)



Friday, July 16, 2010

Stop Failing At Life

Seriously, I need to quit that shit.


The last couple days, I’ve kind of been emo-Justin, and I’m tired of it. I’m working on getting out of the “bleh”, but then my brain starts thinking, and that’s never good. It pops shit into my head like “Dude, you’re 24 in less than two weeks and haven’t done a fucking thing with your life”, which isn’t helpful.


Yeah, I have my main blog, but let’s face it… any jackass can start a blog. Any jackass can say the shit that I say, and some others probably do. Sure, there’s the interviews that I get from time to time, but overall, nothing too special.


And there’s the kinda-emo train of thought again. I want to get rid of that, and I’m working on it. Let’s lay out the issues…


  • I’m always broke.
  • I’ve been at the same workplace for almost four years, doing the same job for three of them, and still only make $1 above Washington’s minimum wage.
  • I screwed up in high school and fucked over the chances that my intelligence could’ve given me.
  • I’m overweight and hate it.
  • I’m single and not too happy with that, either.


We’ll stop there so I don’t really hate myself, and look at the up-sides…


  • I’m always broke because, even though I can’t afford it, I have been taking care of not only myself, but my mother, for the last year and a half.
  • I’m a pretty decent guy when it comes down to it (see previous point).
  • I still have the drive to go further, and want to go back to college and work hard, get into a career and not just a job.
  • I’m trying to lose the weight.


I figure that getting this all out on the blog might help. You know, vent my frustrations to random people on the internet that I’ll (probably) never meet. Beats the hell out of paying for a shrink, because I don’t have that kind of moolah just lying around – although it probably wouldn’t hurt.


Any suggestions for getting out of this negative head-space? I had planned for this to be more of a “ripping emo-Justin a new one”, but that didn’t really go as expected, I guess. Need to get more creative, get more ideas for my main blog.



Monday, July 5, 2010


Great. Big. Sea.

Great. Big. Sea.


Sure, it's in Portland, but that's only a minor difficulty. I've got one person that I'd love to have with me for it, but it's not a sure thing that'll be possible. If not, I can see them in Seattle the next day. Most likely. That's a lot easier to get to.

Excuse my extreme excited-ness. GBS is a band that I'd love to see live. I've been watching clips of their recorded concerts on YouTube. :D

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why I love Doctor Who

And subsequently, why I’m developing a man-crush/writer-hero in Steven Moffat.

He gets me. :D

Some of you don’t watch Doctor Who, so I’ll explain a little bit more…. Saturday was the fifth-season finale of the revived Doctor Who series, titled “The Big Bang”. I won’t spoil that episode, but I’ll spoil the one before it – just a little bit.


The few times that it’s been mentioned this season, the Pandorica has been described as a prison that the Doctor believes to be a fairytale. The prison was for a “warrior, or a trickster” who couldn’t be reasoned with or stopped, and would just drop in and wreck your world.

Fans were correct in figuring out that this meant The Doctor, but they were wrong in thinking that he would already be in there. Instead, an alliance of his worst enemies – Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Judoon, and a lot more – were there to seal him in to the device, in a twisted plan to save the universe.

Doctor Who S05E13 The Big Bang (frame 1610)

Irony fucked them (hard) and, by locking him up, they actually set the universe to the destruction that they’d thought the Doctor would cause. Auton-Rory is there, holding the deceased Amy and mourning the universe’s demise, when the Doctor arrives out of nowhere, with River Song’s vortex manipulator.

But the Doctor was locked in the box. The inescapable prison designed specifically to hold him. The Pandorica. How is he here, when he’s there? And more importantly, where did that fez come from?

Doctor Who S05E13 The Big Bang (frame 13747)

Turns out that this is a Doctor from the future, although fairly recent in his own future, but quite a ways away in Rory’s. He gives Rory the sonic screwdriver and tells him how to free him, and to put the sonic screwdriver into Amy’s coat pocket when he’s done doing that.

The Doctor is freed from the Pandorica because Rory freed him, and he went to the future, and then came back into the past to tell Rory how to free him. He’s free because he told Rory how to free him, with the knowledge seemingly coming from no original point of it’s own.

Less than five minutes in, Steven Moffat plays with ontological paradoxes.

THAT is why I love this show. Thank you, Steven Moffat.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two really nerdy things (that I love)

Time travel paradoxes

I can remember being ten years old and THRILLED with the very concept of time travel.

At the time I had no knowledge of the series I would come to love, Doctor Who, but I was in love with the idea of time travel anyway.


I would always imagine me and friends time-traveling to various eras, some in the future, some in the past. Sometimes, it would even be either myself or my friends who helped discover how to travel through time, dreams that weren’t helped by my love of science fiction.


When I got older, and got interested in more complex sci-fi, I started to learn more about time travel paradoxes, and just like when I was a kid, I’m still thrilled. I love reading about examples of said paradoxes in fiction, thinking about ways that could avert them, etc.


Morphic resonance

This one’s a little more recent, and by that, I mean within the last few days. I just finished re-reading the amazing comic book series known as ‘Y! The Last Man’, but this time, I decided to pull up a little research.


In the series, all of the male mammals on the earth die simultaneously, with no direct reason given in the series. One of the themes in the second half of the series is ‘morphic resonance’, mentioned first in a flashback scene and later as a possible cause for the “gendercide”.


What it boils down to is the theory that there is a field within and around every living thing that organizes it’s characteristics and patterns of activity. Morphic resonance is sort of a feedback between these morphic units, and a great example is given in the comic series – an experiment in which animals on one island were taught something, and once they’d had it down to the point of perfection, it was found that animals of the same species on another island had developed the same skill without having been taught by an external source.


That’s probably inaccurate to the way the story is told in the comic, but hey, shit happens. I’m not perfect. The point is that the idea of beings and things being able to be connected and develop in that sort of manner is really interesting. If correct, it’s a form of adaptive evolution, and fun stuff aside. :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Today is a great day

Ever have one of those days where it feels like nothing can go wrong? For me, that’s today, and I fucking LOVE it.


Today started off kind of rough. I was tired as hell at work from midnight-ish to around 5 or 6am. Started waking up a bit more around then (which figures, since it was just a little before I got off work), and the coworker who was relieving me is the new one that I’ve got an interest in. =D


So after watching a fun episode of Supernatural and writing out a list of things I need to buy soon(ish), I went to sleep around 11am. Got a decent amount of rest, and woke up pretty happy around 6pm. Caffeine soon followed, since I’m not entirely sure I’m human without it (especially since I’ve been without nicotine for two weeks), and then I had a fit of brilliance! … BOOSTER GOLD MOVIE!




For now, that’s the only image I’ve got for ya, but I’m going to see what I can do pretty soon. I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to work out an image in Photoshop the way I want (with the actor I want in the costume), but as I’ve mentioned on my main site, I’m not that great with Photoshop.


I suppose I could have at least thrown a mock version of film poster credits on to there too, but not so much without the actor I’m thinking of for Booster. A friend of mine that I moderate with at 9thWonders is going to be getting a message about it veeery soon, see if he can help out. =D


Anyway, yeah. I’m really excited because this day got a lot better when I got the idea to write a Booster Gold movie. It’s not only the first real fit of inspiration in a long time, but it’s the first thing in quite a while that’s just felt really right. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with it.


I’ll leave you with that, and in the style of Blue Beetle Ted Kord (who has a good chance of being in the movie), I leave you with this: BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You know what was kind of a trip? Walking in to the restaurant here at work to get some coffee earlier and seeing my boss (the general manager of the hotel) behind the line, cooking.


Turns out that she was cooking lasagna for the “pasta and karaoke” night that they do every Wednesday. I think it’s one of the (very) few times that she has cooked here at work, but holy crap, it turned out great.



That’s right, I saved some of that shit. That’s gonna make for a GOOOOOD lunch tonight during my work shift. It’s probably the best homemade lasagna that I’ve had since before my grandpa passed, since he was the only (good) cook in the family aside from me. He’s the one I learned from, too.


Anyway, yeah. Fuck yes lasagna. Garfield would be jealous. Fat cat can kiss my ass.

Barque in the Harbor

… is just one of the songs I’ve been on a mild addiction mode with over the last few days. If you haven’t heard of it (and given that I can’t even find it on YouTube, that’s probably likely), it’s a really really good song from folk rock band Great Big Sea, from their “Sea of No Cares” album.



I only personally know a few people who have heard of this band aside from myself, but their music (almost) always puts me in a happy place, regardless of mood before listening. “Barque in the Harbor” is about a sailor who has a liaison with a young woman from Spain before leaving that country (presumably with a military outfit of some type), and like most of this band’s songs, is well-written and well-performed.


They’ve easily got a half-dozen studio albums, and I love all of the songs I’ve heard, even though it was a bitch to find some of their albums. Songs like “How Did We Get From Saying I Love You (To I’ll See You Around Someday)” strikes a chord with anyone who has had love go sour, and then there are songs that are just fun like “Scolding Wife”. You can guess the topic on that one, it’s kinda straightforward.


Today is a happy day, at least so far. I doubt I’ll be getting any sleep before work tonight, but I’m okay with that. I’ve got laundry to do, and it should be an overall productive day, I think.


Oh, little fun fact for those of you nerdy enough (like me) to care… as you probably know, I’m a huge Green Lantern fan, and that includes reading (waaay) back issues. So when I saw the cover of Black Lantern Green Arrow #30 a week or three ago, I thought it looked really familiar. I was right.


GL_v2_76_cover img001


This is so cool to me, in part because both images are aesthetically great on their own, and in part because the decision to make a tribute like that to an issue that old is nothing short of fantastic. I’m not entirely sure who to credit with that, but I’m leaning towards giving partial credit to Geoff Johns, since he is DC’s Chief Creative Officer, and has enough pull to make this happen.


Even if it wasn’t him, then whoever it was that made that decision has a whole lot of respect from me. The update is visually fantastic, as was the interior art on that issue. The story was pretty awesome, too. :)


I’m thinking that’s where I’m gonna cut this blog off. It feels good to just blog for the sake of blogging again though, rather than blogging to a schedule, or to a deadline and a set of topics.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Before I make any big posts, whether they be good news or bad, I figured a little welcome is in order!


Most (if not all) of you know me from my main site (Random Ramblings) or via some other means, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or one of the forums I’m on. Hell, a select few of you might even know me from that mysterious place known as “reality”!


This site is kind of a work in progress, and I still haven’t written the “About” page, but unless you’ve managed to stumble onto here, you probably already know some stuff about me. Even if you do, you’ll end up learning more, I’m sure.


A few of you might be wondering what kind of jack-ass not only has one web site that he bought a domain name for and updates six days a week, but now has a SECOND web site that he bought a domain name for and updates whenever he feels like it. Ladies and gents, that jack-ass is me.


How ya doin’?


So yeah, that’s what the deal is. Rather than be some scheduled and (sort of) organized thing like Random Ramblings is, this is just going to be my… I guess you could say “venting space”. It’s going to be a blog for what it is: just plain blogging. Unless it’s something I can’t resist, there won’t be any of the structured BS on here.


By the way, this layout looks fucking awesome in Windows Live Writer. :)