Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OH! I forgot to mention something!

The Canucks won today! Woohoo! (I’ve become a hockey fan, and root for three teams – the Washington (no, not the state) Capitals, the Calgary Flames, and the Vancouver Canucks (they’re the closest we have to a local team). Flames got their asses kicked (6-3, Sharks won), though. That hockey talk isn’t what I forgot, though. Or at least not the main thing.


The main thing is that today was a great day for me to be a comic fan. New Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps issues, new (slightly disappointing) Justice League of America, new (fantastic) Justice League: Generation Lost, and the launch of the new FF series (stands for Future Foundation, and it takes the place of Fantastic Four). The issue of FF had a scene with all of the FF building residents – including new teammate Spidey – sitting down to dinner, and an amusing all-encompassing way to say grace.



I have so many issues…

So, I sort of went a few days a week without blogging.

I don’t even have the “no internet” excuse this time.

Then again, I have a smartphone, so I don’t really EVER have that excuse now…


The main reason is actually the same reason for this title. I have issues. Lots of them. And no, I’m not talking about my (comparatively) small comic book collection. The mental issue that’s kept me from blogging? Not being able to come up with a title. If all else fails, I’ll start looking to my extensive music collection. Lots of good band names, song names, and album names that can be used, right? And lyrics!


Anyway, the last few days have been pretty busy. Remember that job interview I had with 7-11? Well, a couple days after that, they called and said they’d gone with someone else. Then, two days ago, they called again and said that someone quit and they had an opening if I wanted it. I hopped on that like a flea to a dog (it’s a weak metaphor, I know. I could do better), and took the drug test and started training yesterday morning.




They’re accommodating my current job’s work schedule, which means that on the days I work at the hotel, I work at 7-11 that morning, as least this week. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all 19 hour days. Up at 6am – by the way, when did that shit start to exist, and WHY? – and off to south Aberdeen to start work at 8am. Then, off work there around 2pm, and waiting for a bus back to Aberdeen station. THEN, spending almost an hour on the bus heading to Ocean Shores, to work at the hotel until 10pm. Home around 11, winding down and finally asleep around 1am.


But you know what? It’s worth it. Every little bit helps, especially with my trip in three weeks, because having fun over there might take a little bit of moneys.


I tried to get a little bit of vlogging done on breaks from the computer training, but I won’t be using any of what I got today. Maybe I’ll get something tomorrow! :D

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

“Everybody’s dead, Dave.”

I had a really long weekend, whether I wanted it or not. Hence the blog-hiatus.


Friday night was a good time, hanging out with Kelly, Ralph, and the bunch. Dinner of from-scratch Chinese-influenced food – sweet and sour chicken with pineapples, shredded pork and vegetable fried rice, and an interesting Chinese cabbage dish. I would say it was surprisingly good, but I’m beginning to suspect that Ralph and Kelly are secretly Iron Chef people in disguise (they’re great cooks).


Saturday sucked, though. As I posted before, I was pretty excited that I was finally going to see Ockham’s Razor in concert as part of the Great West Coast Craic, after years of not being able to see them due to work. In what I can only assume is a conspiracy against me, I still have not managed to see them. Stuff at home with a former roommate – long story, I didn’t even want him there to begin with – and my mother’s paranoia resulted in me staying home “in case he showed up”. I wasn’t happy, to say the least.


The rest of the enforced weekend (aka “I was scheduled off from work”) was pretty uneventful. I did cook some pretty good chicken and made chicken quesadillas for dinner one night, but nothing fun and exciting. I’m thinking that my All Day Spaghetti is going to be necessary soon, and I’ll post pictures and/or video, because my spaghetti is awesome. :)


Speaking of videos, I am working on my first video for this blog (and new YouTube channel), and should have that up in a few days. It’ll tie up some loose ends, and we’ll see what else I can shove in there. For now, I’m going to go back to pretending that I’m working, since we’re ridiculously slow tonight at work.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

“I’m free! It’s time to conquer EARTH!”

Well, not so much ‘conquer’ earth as ‘decimate any/all life’. But really, it’s pretty close to the same thing.

The last few days, I’ve been killing time at work by playing Pandemic 2, and attempting to replicate my past successes at creating diseases that will DESTROY ALL HUMAN LIFE! Admittedly, I’ve failed in some way every time I’ve played lately, but that’s only a minor setback.


On the “not training to become a supervillain” side of things, I’m not too pleased with my work schedule. I have the next six days off, which would be awesome if I didn’t have a trip coming up, and wasn’t trying to save up money (aside from paying rent/bills). The up-side of it is that it gives me the next six days to look for a new job, if the weather permits. A local hotel is (still, according to Worksource’s website) looking for an assistant general manager, so I’m going to try for it!


The start of this weekend should be pretty good, if my current plans continue. Food and fun times with some local people, and the Great West Coast Craic on Saturday! I can’t wait, it’ll be my first time seeing Ockham’s Razor live in the three years (ish) that I’ve been listening to them. Wahoo!

I’ve got it!

(This post is actually from yesterday, but I didn’t see that it didn’t finish posting. Enjoy! :))


You know what the best feeling ever is, to me?

It’s that feeling when I’m writing, and I’ve got the idea, but the execution of the idea is STUCK. It’s lodged in my brain somewhere, in an area I can’t get to – probably next to the little guy sticking the “out of order” sign in my gray matter.


But then it all clears out, and I have an EPIPHANY of how to work through that block.


If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I’m working on a pitch for a comic book miniseries. A lot of small comic book publishers that I hadn’t heard of two months ago are accepting submissions for projects, and some bigger publishers are, too – namely, Image and Dark Horse. The “Big Two” (Marvel and DC) will only look at you if you’ve been published, but if I can have my own property stay MINE? That’d be fantastic!


Today, I finally shook loose the execution for my idea, and am really excited to finish the outline and start writing the script for the first issue of the miniseries. The first three issues are already plotted out – with the details to be added in the second outline phase – with three more left to plot, and a title left to figure out.


Now that I’m off work, it’s time to reward myself – by going home for whiskey and more writing! I can’t wait to see if this becomes a reality, and even if it gets rejected by a publisher, I might still self-publish it.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Excitement! Food! YouTube! What more could you ask for?

. . .


I’ve sort of failed you, by not doing much adventuring over the weekend. The blind-me situation was most of the excitement over the weekend, but I did finish organizing the music in my collection!


I also took the time to cook, which I haven’t really done (at all) since moving into this house. Cooking’s always been a favorite hobby of mine, and I used to want to do it for a living, until I decided that was an awful idea. Restaurants can be pretty high-stress environments for the staff, and I didn’t want to risk losing my enjoyment for cooking.


On the menu the last couple days? Saturday night was chicken alfredo, which turned out okay, but I’d rather try and come up with my own recipe than use the jar sauce. Maybe next time. Last night was spaghetti, and it was fun to make, but it was quick (read: “only took an hour”) spaghetti instead of my favorite way to cook it, which is an all-day process.


Here’s something I’ve wondered for a bit – would any of you watch cooking videos, if I made them? I’m not saying they’d be super-frequent or super-awesome, but I like to cook, and it would give me a reason to do it more often, and have a point to videos besides just rambling on and on.


OH! Here’s an update! I have a job interview tomorrow morning, for a job at one of the local 7-11 stores! It’s not the job that I really want (local hotel is hiring for an assistant GM), but it’s local and would be a nice change of pace from what I do now.


For now I’m going to go back to watching YouTube videos, and waiting for my relief to come in, and my shift to end. This weekend should be a lot better when it comes around, since I have plans for a homemade Chinese food night with some awesome local people on Friday, and the Great West Coast Craic concert is on Saturday (and I get free tickets since my workplace is the official hotel of the theatre putting it on)! Those will be fun and exciting, and I’ll try to get some good pictures! :D





Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't mind me, I'm just gonna walk into this wall

Have I mentioned before that I wear glasses? And that I'm pretty much blind without them?

Yeah, it was a lot of fun this morning, when I went to put my glasses on, and a lens popped out. I thought "No big, lenses pop out sometimes, I'll just pop it back in...", until I realized that the frame had broken. So I had to spend $10 that I don't really have to spare, to get the Wal-Mart optometrist's assistant to put my lenses in an identical frame. They said I'm lucky; they only had the one duplicate of my frame available still.

So that was my morning crisis, and even a short time unable to see makes me appreciate my glasses again. I kind of want contacts again, but I don't have $60 to spare at my normal optometrist, and it's more spendy at Wal-Mart's optometrist.

Now, it's almost Jeopardy time, which will be followed by Smallville time and Supernatural time. Figured I'd blog it up now, so that I don't forget. I'm using commercial breaks to organize my music. Didn't think I was serious yesterday, when I said I could go on and on about my Zune and music collection? I could, and it'd be easy.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try for a job that I probably won't get, and hopefully hang out with some local friends for their daughter's birthday party. Fun!
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

In fearful day, in raging night…

I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is that today’s probably going to be a little bit boring to read, because I’ve spent most of my waking hours at (or on the way to) work. Which is good, because I’m making money – even if its not really enough to pay bills, or any of that.


That’s kind of why I decided to go with the Blue Lantern Corps oath, as inspiration for this post’s title. For non-geeks, it’s a DC Comics thing tying into the Green Lantern comics, and Blue Lanterns are symbols of hope, which is something I could use lately. A ‘trademark phrase’ for them would be “All will be well”, something that I need to keep reminding myself of – despite money being tighter and tighter right now, all will be well in time.


I mentioned good news too, right? Can’t just be depressing and shit, right? The good news is that today is the end of my work week, which means the next three days off to find… something! Something to do, something to blog about doing. I’ve got some things I need to do (like job searching), and some stuff that I want to do (like get some exercise, and hook up my SNES).


There was one good part about today – I made a new YouTube platoonofpowersquadronaccount that I plan on getting some video up on to, and when I was subscribing to people, I found a new show to love: Platoon of Power Squadron. It’s about a group of twenty-somethings with superpowers (electric manipulation, time control, telepathy/telekinesis, and self-cloning), and it’s really funny. I found it when I went to subscribe to Wheezy Waiter (AKA Craig Benzine), who is one of the actors in it. I recommend checking it out at


All in all, today was nothing special, though. Tomorrow, I’m going to try for some adventures, and hopefully be putting something fun and exciting up here. Unless you guys want me to talk about my Zune library, which I could do for ages. :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Un-blogging: Relearning how to just be me

It’s been a long time that I’ve been blogging over at Random Ramblings. I started it in early 2009, but it didn’t see regular use until May of that year, when I successfully blogged an entire month, for National Blog Posting Month. It was a lot of fun, and really sparked a love of, respect for, and desire to BLOG – and to blog regularly.


So, I did. I made the decision to blog every day, which de-evolved into six days a week, then to “this day = this topic”, which eventually became what it was most recently: as many posts as possible across wide and varied topics every day. I never really felt like I found my voice as a blogger, though, like I was putting the words up there and making an effort, but never really managed to.


Now I’m going to go back to blogging on here, which I know I’ve said before, but this time… I really will. :)


I want to start by writing like I’m not supposed to, to unlearn my Random Ramblings bloggery ways, so help me out; how should I go about it? Bad spelling and grammar for a post? Something else similarly awful? Help me unlearn that by suggesting ways that I can “blog badly”! :D