Tuesday, July 26, 2011

AUGH! and other frustrated noises; another update!


Google Apps has become kind of a pain in the ass to deal with, now that they've updated it. Google+ won't let me back in with this account -- so I made a new one -- and above all, it was trying to tell me that my email address (justin@justin-barlow.com was being used by me as a person and me as an organization. Which apparently does not fly with Dark Lord Google.

So I do its bidding and try and basically merge the data from the "personal account" and the "organizational account", but that's not good enough. Now, logging in to Blogger with my email address said that I had no blogs, because they were under the "personal account", and justin@justin-barlow.com was now the "organizational account". Long and frustrated story made short (ish), I created another email address and through tricks of cleverness and awesome-y goodness, I got my Blogger info and settings moved over to the right account.

Aside from the frustration of trying to figure that out, it's just another night. Usin' the interwebs to catch up on things and pretty much keep myself awake so I can sleep before work tonight. There are some good things on the horizon, though!

After two and a half years without home internet access, I might have internet again soon! Since I'm getting full time on a regular basis again, I'm going to start paying off the (very) past-due $200 that I owe Comcast. That, and a $100 deposit, and I can have the internet/tv/phone combo hooked up. Only one I care about from those three is  the internet, but with mom there and unable to live without TV, that's a necessity. And hey, a land-line might make it so she'll ease up on the cell phone minutes.

Then there's also my ongoing attempts to go to New York City Comic Con this October. It's not a sure thing yet, but I'm making the effort to see how much it'll cost and how much I'll have to save. The cool thing is that I've gotten one offer to stay with a friend while I'm there, so that's out of the way without having to spend money for it! Of course, I'll cook for them like I did for Matt when I was on my trip in April. Have to show my gratitude in some way!

So, anyone want to donate to either the "Get Justin to NYCC" or "Get Justin Internet" funds? :P


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