Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So, I almost got hit by a truck today...

It's not nearly as much fun as it sounds - and, unless you're an idiot, getting hit by a truck shouldn't really sound fun to begin with.

Tonight was a productive night. I decided to take the #Occupy movement and apply it to my own situation: #occupymyroom. I'm tired of my stuff taking up all of my bedroom, and feeling so disorganized, but not doing anything about it. Now, my room is sort of worth occupying. I came close to calling in a hazmat team, but no cops. Hooray!

On a serious note, though, I did almost get seriously injured today, and I'm not happy about it. I'd walke from my place to the nearby 7-11 for some grub, and then was walking from there to my grandma's to get online for a while. Crossed a street with a truck a half a block away, and next thing I know, it's sped up and I'm jumping out of the way as he takes the corner VERY sharply. Fucker almost hit me, and since he was driving a company truck for a local-ish construction company, I'm still debating whether or not to call and complain to them.

Now, I'm going to drown my anxiety in some glorious internets, and figure out something new and stupid to do that WON'T get me nearly seriously-injured.


Sweeney said...

This seems to be the theme of the week among my bloggity friends. DEAR DRIVERS OF AMERICA: STOP TRYING TO KILL OR MAIM OR JUST PISS OFF MY FRIENDS. KTHNX.

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