Saturday, December 8, 2012

No more free time!

As of Monday, I'll be working two jobs! So, that little bit of time where I wasn't working? ... Yeah, that's gone now.

After applying on Wednesday and getting an interview Thursday morning, I'm going to be training to be a caregiver starting Monday before my shift at "Murphy's". Unfortunately the job is only part-time for now, which is why I'll be doing both jobs. You can bet that, if I like the job, as soon as they offer full-time, I'm going for it.

You know what it means to be working two jobs? MONEY! Neither job is amazing pay, buuuuut having both of them will mean that I can get caught up on bills -- ahead on bills, even! -- and start saving up for things. I'm going to try and go with Sweeney's example and allocate my time better -- no to-be-broken promises about blogging more, but we'll see if I can make time for the occasional post.

Now, though, I'm going to enjoy my smoothie. See ya!


Joyce & Pete Hirst said...

I am proud of you Justin.

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