Tuesday, February 25, 2014



Please excuse me while I flail around a little bit. While others certainly are not as thrilled as me, I have recently found out that Heroes is coming back. If you've known me for a while, you probably get why I am reacting like this! :D

That's the only part that I'm a little down about, to be honest. I found out about this while I was on break at work, didn't see the video's length, and spent a couple hours building up anticipation. So, a 15-second video with some space-y shots and then "HEROES REBORN Coming 2015" emblazoned on? Not nearly a match for the mental build-up, which is probably mostly my fault.

Still, I've been hearing a bit behind-the-scenes, because this was always the one fandom where I knew someone with an in. It's a very SMALL bit behind-the-scenes, pretty much with what Tim Kring hopes can be done with it, but it still has me excited.

New Doctor this fall, possible Flash series this year, and Heroes comes back next year?

Oh, 2014, I take back at least half most all of the bad things I said to/about you.


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