Friday, July 16, 2010

Stop Failing At Life

Seriously, I need to quit that shit.


The last couple days, I’ve kind of been emo-Justin, and I’m tired of it. I’m working on getting out of the “bleh”, but then my brain starts thinking, and that’s never good. It pops shit into my head like “Dude, you’re 24 in less than two weeks and haven’t done a fucking thing with your life”, which isn’t helpful.


Yeah, I have my main blog, but let’s face it… any jackass can start a blog. Any jackass can say the shit that I say, and some others probably do. Sure, there’s the interviews that I get from time to time, but overall, nothing too special.


And there’s the kinda-emo train of thought again. I want to get rid of that, and I’m working on it. Let’s lay out the issues…


  • I’m always broke.
  • I’ve been at the same workplace for almost four years, doing the same job for three of them, and still only make $1 above Washington’s minimum wage.
  • I screwed up in high school and fucked over the chances that my intelligence could’ve given me.
  • I’m overweight and hate it.
  • I’m single and not too happy with that, either.


We’ll stop there so I don’t really hate myself, and look at the up-sides…


  • I’m always broke because, even though I can’t afford it, I have been taking care of not only myself, but my mother, for the last year and a half.
  • I’m a pretty decent guy when it comes down to it (see previous point).
  • I still have the drive to go further, and want to go back to college and work hard, get into a career and not just a job.
  • I’m trying to lose the weight.


I figure that getting this all out on the blog might help. You know, vent my frustrations to random people on the internet that I’ll (probably) never meet. Beats the hell out of paying for a shrink, because I don’t have that kind of moolah just lying around – although it probably wouldn’t hurt.


Any suggestions for getting out of this negative head-space? I had planned for this to be more of a “ripping emo-Justin a new one”, but that didn’t really go as expected, I guess. Need to get more creative, get more ideas for my main blog.




Hotcakes said...

oohh emo days....

have you tried biorhythms. ? lol..

its like checking horoscopes. but its not based from the starts. its basedfrom ur birthdate and something about a cycle.

anyway you'll see why you are down at certain days or whatever ... lol i used to check it before and its always a timing when im "emo" .. my emotional line drops down.

cant really explain how to interpret but you might ought to check it out. :D

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