Saturday, August 21, 2010

Awesome text of awesomeness, or: Why I’m in a great mood

For years now, I’ve been a fan of Terry Brooks’ writing, starting with The Sword of Shannara, which I read… way back when I was still in the single-digit ages, I think. If I had to say for sure, I’d say probably around age eight or nine.


Quite a few months ago, my awesome friend Crystal notified me of a book signing that Brooks was having in Seattle, at the UW bookstore. To further emphasize her awesomeness, I should mention that I live in a small town a few hours away from Seattle, and she also worked out a ride for me with her mother, who was coming up for the signing, too.


We had to wait for Crystal to get off work, so we were a tiiiiiny bit late to the signing. When we got there and found some seating, Brooks was reading from his most recent book, before launching in to a Q-and-A session. I was lucky, and one of the last people who was able to ask a question. I don’t remember right off the top of my head what my question was, only what it involved: a staff that has appeared in one series in a major way, and in another series in a much more diminished capacity in the primary series. Fans will know that both series are, as of the last few years, connected and part of the same overall story, hence my curiosity about the staff.


Now, we can fast-forward to the other night at work. I was having a pretty rotten day on Thursday, having gone to court as support for my mother, in regards to my stepdad’s estate (loooong story there). That had taken all day, and was very emotionally-stressing, so I didn’t even get to sleep before work. I was in a foul mood, and then I got this text:

“Omg new book on the 24th :) and signing at the U bookstore and the title is about the staff that you asked about!!!”

To say that I had a jaw-drop reaction would be an understatement. I’m not entirely sure that my jaw didn’t travel all the way to the core of the damn planet. The answer that I’d gotten on the staff question was sort of a non-answer, and if I remember right, Mr. Brooks almost acted like he hadn’t even realized the connection. With this title now known to me, I figure that he was just not wanting to say too much.


Regardless, I’d like to live in my own fantasy world where my question caused Mr. Brooks to consider devoting more thought to the staff, while I eagerly await the 24th, so that I can read Bearers of the Black Staff that I had a hand in naming – nay, that I had a hand in creating*. (Not really, but hey, that’s why it’s my fantasy world.)




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