Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Day That Facebook Died

And we were singing, ‘Bye, bye, Mark Zuckerberg’s pie’….


Okay, yeah, we really weren’t. And by “we weren’t”, I mean “I wasn’t”. I didn’t even know about the Facebook FAILDEATHZOMGPOCALYPSE until well after it was over with. I was asleep when it happened, and found out when I woke up to get ready for work that evening.


No, I didn’t get actual texts proclaiming “NO, FACEBOOK IS DOWN WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH LIFE WITHOUT FARMVILLE?!”, but I did have a few texts from Twitter updates on the topic. People who had signed up for accounts and then left them unused for many months were suddenly tweeting about Facebook being down.


Some of them were “Man, I hope this isn’t permanent… :(“ type of updates, and some of them were more along the “Who cares? Let’s have fun with it” type. If I had been awake, and/or could’ve been bothered enough to give a shit, I definitely would have been the latter. Big deal, Facebook is down. It’s not like we weren’t finding ways on the internet to amuse ourselves and communicate with each other before it came around.


Stop Failing At Life. An outage of the book of faces isn’t the end of the world. Zombies are*. Everyone knows that.



*And, in order to encourage the Zompocalypse, shall we have Palin run for POTUS in 2012? If anything would kickstart it, that’d be it.


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