Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wow, it’s been a while

November 6th was the last post here?


I guess that wouldn’t be a long time to some, but with the whole (usually) “daily update” thing over at Random Ramblings, a month and a half – almost – feels like a really long time. I suppose I should update you on how things are going in the life of Barlow, eh?


    • MOVING – I don’t remember if I mentioned this in the last post, since I’d’ve just found out about it a day or two prior, but my mother (who I’ve been supporting for a while) and I had to move out of the house that we were in and into a new place. The new place is a lot smaller, and it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to pack a five-bedroom, two-story house into a one-story, two-bedroom house.
    • NEW HOUSE – The new place may be small, but its got a lot of potential, which is why we chose to move into it. When we first looked at it, it looked like hell, and the neighbor has since informed us that the people who lived there were heavily into drugs. Since then, we’ve done a LOT of cleaning, and it’s looking a lot better. I planned to take pictures before we moved stuff in, but that ended up being impossible. When we’re fully set-up in there, I’ll snap some pictures for you folks.
    • BEARD – The beard abides.
    • RANDOM RAMBLINGS – There is a cool article over on the main site today, from one of my writers, Em. She’s got a cool (albeit not-recently-updated) blog of her own, and wrote a good article about all the bullshit with Wikileaks and Julian Assange that’s been going on, and if you checked this today, then her article’s right there on the front of the page.
    • FITNESS – So my plan at the beginning of this year was something of an EPICFAIL. Sort of, anyway. If I remember right, I didn’t limit myself to having it in place this year, and I have finally started to work towards it. I’ve been eating healthier (salad almost every day for lunch, smaller portions, and healthier breakfasts and lunches), and plan to start a modified version of the Couch To 5K program at the beginning of January (to keep it even).
    • WORK – As always, there are issues at work. I’m getting by, though, and continuing to do the best that I can. I don’t mind most of the people that I work with, but I am looking around for other work. I’ve got a possibility on the horizon, with a bank, so that’s cool. I’ve also got hope of being a paid blogger, possibly as soon as the first half of next year. In the last month, my AdSense totals have jumped from 90 cents to a little over $9, which means I’m (almost) 10% of the way to getting a $100 check from AdSense. It’s not much, but once you start getting paid for writing, the confidence inspired from it will help generate a forward momentum to the point where I will be earning a living with my writing.


That’s really all that I can think of for now, I suppose. You guys are always welcome to ask anything you want, though!


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