Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NEW!: Lacuna Coil - "Dark Adrenaline"

How's a music review sound? It's been a while since I've done any, and I couldn't help but write something when I got a chance to wrap my head around this album. Hopefully, you'll enjoy the review even if you're not as much of a Lacuna Coil fan as me!

ARTIST: Lacuna Coil
ALBUM: "Dark Adrenaline"
GENRE: Gothic metal
LABEL: Century Media

After 2009's Shallow Life, which was received with either overwhelming love or violent hatred depending on who you ask, Lacuna Coil's released a new album, in stores today. Dark Adrenaline is 12 tracks - 13 in the bonus edition - and runs just over 45 minutes.

Adrenaline has a strong opening in "Trip the Darkness", a song that's received well-deserved praise, and a lot of air time. It's been described as being unlike anything the band has released until now, and I wholeheartedly agree with all of that. The second track, "Against You", is similarly strong, but less influenced in its sound than "Darkness" is by the far-superior vocals of Cristina Scabbia. Between the to, "Trip the Darkness" comes out on top, and its no wonder that the song was chosen as both the first single, and the album opener.

As a whole, Dark Adrenaline should sit well with longtime Lacuna Coil fans, bringing a little something extra to the great sounds that were present in Comalies and Karmacode, and still has plenty of draw for someone looking to get into the band. The band continues to improve as they go along, and this album's biggest praise from me is that Andrea Ferro's vocals were as distractingly far below Cristina Scabbia's as they've been before. Ferro is an "acquired taste", albeit not one that I have a huge preference towards.

Dark Adrenaline hits stores today, so if you haven't already bought a copy, check out some of the band's music on YouTube, and grab a copy if you like what you hear.

RATING: 8/10


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