Wednesday, October 10, 2012


This might be a sign that I've been a bit too active lately.

I like being active, and don't spend nearly as much time being boring and lazy as I used to. But I'm starting to think that, until all this activity starts showing in my attempts to get more fit, the occasional wrapped ankle is a price I'll have to pay. Then again, maybe it wasn't a good idea to go for a jog, then run errands, then a mile-and-a-half walk.

The sprain? Result of errands on Monday. Underestimated how close to the curb the bus was, stepped down wrong, and rolled the shit out of the ankle. Let me tell you... that makes for a fun half-mile walk home from the bus stop. I forgot to wrap it last night, and then worked 8-ish hours on my feet today, so it is staying wrapped tonight.

Other than that, the last couple days have been great. When I posted on Monday, it was while doing laundry, after paying the power bill, another bill, and visiting my sister at her work. She's a Radio Shack employee, so she's strongly suggested to give her the money if I want to get something, so she can use her discount for me. Awesome, right? We didn't get along very well growing up, but that's a story for another post.

For now, I'm going to lay down and get some rest. More work tomorrow, and then games with Steev and Megan! It's Steev's birthday! Go wish him well on Twitter, tell him I sent you!


Matthew Horton said...

Ouch, take it easy bro!!

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