Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Before I make any big posts, whether they be good news or bad, I figured a little welcome is in order!


Most (if not all) of you know me from my main site (Random Ramblings) or via some other means, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or one of the forums I’m on. Hell, a select few of you might even know me from that mysterious place known as “reality”!


This site is kind of a work in progress, and I still haven’t written the “About” page, but unless you’ve managed to stumble onto here, you probably already know some stuff about me. Even if you do, you’ll end up learning more, I’m sure.


A few of you might be wondering what kind of jack-ass not only has one web site that he bought a domain name for and updates six days a week, but now has a SECOND web site that he bought a domain name for and updates whenever he feels like it. Ladies and gents, that jack-ass is me.


How ya doin’?


So yeah, that’s what the deal is. Rather than be some scheduled and (sort of) organized thing like Random Ramblings is, this is just going to be my… I guess you could say “venting space”. It’s going to be a blog for what it is: just plain blogging. Unless it’s something I can’t resist, there won’t be any of the structured BS on here.


By the way, this layout looks fucking awesome in Windows Live Writer. :)


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