Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You know what was kind of a trip? Walking in to the restaurant here at work to get some coffee earlier and seeing my boss (the general manager of the hotel) behind the line, cooking.


Turns out that she was cooking lasagna for the “pasta and karaoke” night that they do every Wednesday. I think it’s one of the (very) few times that she has cooked here at work, but holy crap, it turned out great.



That’s right, I saved some of that shit. That’s gonna make for a GOOOOOD lunch tonight during my work shift. It’s probably the best homemade lasagna that I’ve had since before my grandpa passed, since he was the only (good) cook in the family aside from me. He’s the one I learned from, too.


Anyway, yeah. Fuck yes lasagna. Garfield would be jealous. Fat cat can kiss my ass.


Josh said...

I love me some good lasagna.

Justin said...

Trust me, this stuff is great. I'm not a lasagna fan when it's "good" or "okay", only when it's REEEALLY good.

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