Friday, October 29, 2010

In Defense of the Beard

“Why do you let something grow on your face that grows wild on your ass?”

Those are the words of one of my grandfathers, when talking to someone about their beard. Yes, my blunt (and brutal) honestly does have a familial predecessor – or a few – but on this one… I SAY THEE NAY!

There is power in the beard that cannot be harnessed by those without. Older (wiser?) civilizations such as the ancient Greeks wouldn’t even consider someone to be a man until they could grow a beard! An ancient Greek saying even stated that there are two types of people that walk around without beards: women and children.

Join me in rebellion against those who hate the beard!


NOTE: I am not as glowy white as that picture makes me look. Poor lighting and shitty 2-megapixel camera, not a good combo.


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