Saturday, October 30, 2010

In consideration of others, please check your sanity at the door…

… because I sure as hell have.


While I would have previously considered myself on the edge of sanity – despite statements of my own, my peers, and three licensed professionals that I was well past the edge – I can now agree with them, that I must be, in a few vulgar words, fucking batshit crazy. ‘Why change your mind now?’, you may ask, and I have an answer. Or, more accurately, three answers.


  1. National Novel Writing Month
  2. Random Ramblings
  3. 30 Days of Truth


All of that is going on in November, which means that I will be [A] working on a 50,000-word (minimum) novel, [B] writing reviews and other blogs for my main site, and [C] blogging on this site with a “30 Days of Truth”, where thirty days of posts follow a specific list, sort of a series of ‘honesty prompts’.


On top of all of that, I have also started up a third blog called LOLitics and ReligiFAIL, where I’ll be discussing any/all things related to religion and politics. I predict that the majority of my posts will be rants, either at things that are happening, or things that could happen, or against religious retards, like the “Rants Against Religious Stupidity” that I’ve done a few times on Random Ramblings.


If I’m not crazy now, then I fully expect to be at the end of November, when all this shit (should be) over and done with. So hop on the ride and watch me lose my fucking mind! =]


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