Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nerdery is hereditary; Parents (and guardians) get it from their children

If you read my main site, you probably saw my post on Thursday morning talking about the new Earth-like (and likely inhabited) planet, Gliese 581g. In it, I go for some humor by proclaiming it to be Krypton, and declaring that “the Superman” will eventually come along.


I decided to have a little fun with it after that, too. When I thought that someone that I knew offline would find it funny, I told them, with a little bit more excitement and humor in that rendition. A few of these people read my site, and were already aware of my crazy idea, but one person guessed before I got to the end of it: my grandma.


Keep in mind that this woman is 60 years old and is not a nerd. She raised me, and used to think my oddities were ridiculous, and has slowly gotten more reasonable with time. I didn’t realize that the reason she was getting more accepting of my nerdiness was because it was turning her into a nerd! NERD is like a set of radioactive waves, mutating those around the nerds!


ME: This planet is Earth-like, but bigger. It’s in a constellation visible from Earth. And since it’s very likely inhabited, the would-be aliens would call their red star a sun…

GRANDMA: Isn’t that like where Superman is from?


I have never been so proud of this old woman. NERDS REPRESENT! :D


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