Sunday, November 13, 2011

So, I got robbed at work about a week and a half ago.

I waited to post about it until after it was in the local news so that I couldn't be in trouble at work for spreading things like that around, which bosses don't much care for. Pretty understandable, but when it's someone like me who is a Twitter-maniac and a blogger, it ties my hands to want to say "Holy shit" after it happens.

The good news is that the robber was caught, after robbing a Sterling Savings Bank about 35 miles away from my work, in the town of Oakville. He's being charged with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon (he had a folding knife of some sort), and claims to have been doing it because of his kids.

It sucked, and a lot of the people that have heard about it have expressed a lot of concern, which I appreciate. I just wanted to finally mention it on here, because I don't like NOT being able to talk about things on here. Work's still going on, and since it had been ten years between that robbery and the one prior, I have a feeling that whenever the next one happens, I'll be long-gone from 7-11 by then.


I'll be having a couple of guest bloggers on here soon, and they're some people that I've enjoyed getting to know over the last year or more. One of them wrote a few posts for Random Ramblings during its day, and writes her own blog, the great Red Dot Diva blog full of geekiness, pop culture awareness, and overall entertaining stuff.

The other guest poster is the creator of the Reynard City comic, which you should read if you haven't already. There are so many cool things coming out of that (dare I say it?) franchise, and I'm looking forward to it -- follow @ReynardCity on Twitter for occasional updates about something involving "side-scrolling" and "beat-em-up".

I'll be posting on their blogs as well, and if anyone is interested in post-trading some time, let me know! I've been itching to blog-swap for a while now, and would love to help more of the bloggers that I enjoy more of an audience. So, send me an email or comment here if you want to swap!

Now I have to get back to writing. It's kind of all that I'm doing when I'm not working or sleeping. TO THE WRITER-MOBILE (aka, shoes).


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