Sunday, November 20, 2011

This is just going to be a quick post. I'm on break at work and not really supposed to be using my phone, but oh well.

If you've wondered, I'm doing well so far. Still soul-crushingly broke most of the time, but my landlord is understanding and letting me pay what I can, when I can. If only Verizon were as accommodating....

I'm still working a lot, but not always graveyard now, which is awesome and lame at the same time. My work schedule's been all over the place, which means I'm exhausted a lot of the time, but such is the price of being a wage-slave. My one-year mark is closer than it feels like, and as of late March, I'll have a week of paid vacation to return to New Jersey with. I'm so eagerly looking forward to seeing everyone there again!

Anyway, it's back-to-work time! I'm going to try and get a real post in soon, but until then, be well. :)



Erica said...

...Jersey? I thought you might make a trip down South some day. :(

Justin said...

Who is saying that I won't? :D

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