Thursday, July 12, 2012

"You are a beautiful man, inside & out, own it"

Those are the words of Kelly Hogaboom on Twitter this morning, and they kind of made my day. :D

No, people in my life don't just throw out random praises of my magnificence. I mean, sure, they're earned. And I wouldn't complain, because, let's face it -- I'm pretty great.

"I've seen mirrors, I have eyes. Let's face it,
buddy. I have a body that makes men wet. "

Actually, all joking aside, that one was brought on by my dog being kind of an ass. She always barks at people/dogs/bikes going by the house, even if they're across the street. I've tried to teach her not to bark at people, but my roommate kind of undermines that, so I've given up. That whole "old dog, new tricks" thing.

When she started barking this morning, I go to see what she's barking at and get her in the house. Turns out that she was barking at Kelly and the newest member of the Boom family, Hutch. And she's not kidding when she says that this dog is huge. It was my first time seeing him today, and holy crap he's a big dog. So, Kelly won the morning by seeing me shirtless. That's where the quote comes from!

Really, I just wanted an excuse to use that Cat line, and remind people just how much of a Red Dwarf nerd I am. Because Red Dwarf is fantastic.


the Tsaritsa said...

It's true! OWN IT :)

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