Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An open letter to the @VanCanucks

                                   -Wil Wheaton


Let me start this off by saying that I love the Vancouver Canucks. They’re the closest that I have to a “local” NHL team – living about a six or seven hour drive from Vancouver (B.C., not Vancouver, Washington) – and they’ve got a great team, and one hell of a season going. Best in franchise history, and I’m happy to call myself a Canucks fan.


But WHAT THE HELL was that last game with the Blackhawks? How do you come off of the best season you’ve ever had, spend three games kicking some serious Chicago ass, and then LOSE THAT BADLY? 7-2? Really? To quote @EKankowski, that’s Maple Leafs kind of bad.


The above quote was in reference to the Kings’ game against the Sharks, but I feel that the sentiment applies as well. How can you go from playing SO GOOD to playing THAT BAD?


I’m really hopeful for a Vancouver-won Stanley Cup this year, so… don’t let me down. Pretty please? :D


Anonymous said...

Oh, ye of little faith... Patience, grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

back from the East side?

Justin said...

Anonymous #1: I have faith in my team. I just hold the opinion that a 3-0 series lead was much more impressive than the 3-2. I just hope that the Canucks suitably squash the Blackhawks tonight, so we don't go to a freaking SEVENTH game.

Anonymous #2: Not yet, sir or madam. Still on the east coast until Tuesday.

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