Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fire in downtown Aberdeen

Last night, I tweeted about a fire in Aberdeen when I rode past it, shortly before midnight. I was unsure of the cause at the time, but thanks to an article in The Daily World (the local newspaper), I've not only found out the reason, I've lost some of my hope for the world. Yes, the cause is that stupid.

In what I assume was an effort to save money and circumvent an electricity bill, the woman who lived there was using a gas generator for electricity. As the story went in the paper, she was filling the generator, spilled some gas onto the floor, and USED A LIGHTER to check how bad the gas spill was.

There are not words for how much this level of stupidity irks me. It's reckless, and almost makes you wonder how she was smart enough to make it this far in life. I'm just glad that she only received minor burns, though, and everyone got out mostly safe. Good job on the part of the Aberdeen Fire Department on keeping it from spreading to the houses nearby, especially in an area where the houses aren't that far apart.

Other than that, today was a pretty good day. I have tomorrow off with a lot of things to do, but they're all things that I enjoy doing. And I'll have the house to myself in the evening, so let's see what shenanigans I can get involved with.
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Kelly Hogaboom said...

Oh geez, that's terrible. I'm glad she wasn't more seriously hurt. We've all done stupid things at one time or another. Most times we dodge the bullet, or things don't go as badly as they could have. This person's actions resulted in the devastating loss of home and possessions.

That reminds me, Jive Turkey put up a blog post asking people to write out the stupidest thing the've done. I'm still mulling over what to share.

P.S. kegger at your house tomorrow.

Justin said...

I tend to be a little less forgiving, it would seem. Definitely a little less "put myself in their shoes" when it comes to things like this. Doing and saying stupid things is sort of my specialty, but using a lighter to check how bad a gas spill is? I can honestly say that I don't think I've done anything THAT stupid.

Also: Woohoo, kegger!

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