Saturday, May 28, 2011

My blade thirsts for blood!

So, I kind of put my box knife through my thumb at work today. We all carry box knives at 7-11, because we've got a lot of foods that we unbox when they come out of the freezers.

My box knife hasn't been cutting very well lately, until I took it apart and really cleaned the whole thing piece by piece. The last few days since then, it's been cutting though like there's nothing there. And even though I keep my not-holding-a-knife hand well out of the blade's path, apparently that's not enough.

You can check the pic (which will probably be at the bottom - I'm not sure with email-blogging), but it doesn't show very well that it's a little deeper than it looks. The knife curved off the path, sliced up through the lid, and into my thumb. Let me tell you something, in case you've never cut your thumb a little deep: there's an artery there. If you cut your thumb well enough, that little bastard will bleed pretty quickly. I had to change the bandage within two minutes because it had bled through.

The good news? I was almost off work anyway. The better news? It didn't bleed that much longer. Direct pressure and a fairly-tight bandage stopped it up, until I got home to clean it out and take this picture. I also got a few good pics of the area near my house, but I'll wait until I'm actually on a computer to put those up. Same with the pic-spam of my east coast trip, now that I've put some up on Facebook.

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