Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have a lame sense of humor, and I love it

As a wage-slave at a local 7-11, there's some fun stuff that happens on my job. Usually it's just a regular making a good joke - and we have a lot of awesome regulars. Today was one of those days where I had a decent one, and it's right in my wheel house: silly, a little lame, and referencing music.

A little background: the EBT (food stamps and/or cash benefits) system uses a separate machine from the register, and isn't always working well at the store I'm normally at. Today, I was at a different store owned by the same guy.


Customer: *hands me their EBT card*

Me: *runs it through* Sorry, it's taking a little longer.

Customer: Old machine?

Me: No, I think it's my fault. The one at my usual store does this to me, too.

Customer: *laughs* Are you breaking the machines?

Me: Yes! I'm raging against them!


There it is. All that set-up for a silly Rage Against The Machine joke. I hope you enjoyed it. :p
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Kelly Hogaboom said...

So, how long did you set the joke up? Was it when the card didn't run? Or did you actually do something to the magnetic stripe, on the sly, to set this up? OR did you take the job at 7-11 IN THE FIRST PLACE for this opportunity?! I hafta know.

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