Monday, June 18, 2012

The Daily Planet....?

I've mentioned before that I don't talk about my workplaces by name (anymore). Pseudonyms stand in for the real business names, and while I don't work there yet, I've got the ideal name for the local newspaper: The Daily Planet.

It's actually not far off from the real name, and it keeps with the SUPERGEEK theme I have going... if, by "theme", you mean "life". Short story long, I'm not going to be a reporter for The Daily Planet -- at least, not right now. The few reporters they do have all possess many years of experience, and he said he'd need to see some published, formally-formatted writing from me, so he would know that I had the talent.

The new plan: submit things to weekly papers, rather than dailies like this one. Get a few feature articles, then bring my ass back to the Planet and say "See? I CAN do it!".  More of the story tomorrow, but for now, WORK.


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