Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The "222 curse"

Or, Why I'll be staying home today.

For years now, my friend Tony - he'll have a page up soon - and I have noticed a theme: 222. A lot of times that we see that number or hear it, two things happen. One of them is good, and one is bad. The first instance involved the unfortunate closing of one of our favorite restaurants in the town he used to live in, but I can't remember what the bad thing was that time.

It's never been huge, drastic things, but things that we probably wouldn't even think about if we hadn't noticed the pattern. Now, it could be said that we look for something good and something bad, both of which stand above the rest.

So, I'll go back to finishing Tin Man, and writing and doing housework while listening to old TANcast episodes. Not that I believe in curses, but, y'know... just in case. :p


the Tsaritsa said...

I hope the curse doesn't get you today! Wish I had an excuse to play hookie :)

Justin Barlow said...

Nothing happened that I can tell. Other than having to shell out "mo' money" to the bullshit system that is the local water department.

Anonymous said...

AND YOU POSTED THIS ON 2/22!!!!! Coincidence? probably. You probably did that on purpose.

I kinda liked Tin Man. Other than Zooey Dechanel (sp?) of course.

Justin Barlow said...

Yeah, I did do it on purpose. :P This is the only one that's gone as planned, so far.

Do you not care for Zooey Deschanel? I'm not the biggest fan of her acting, but I don't dislike her work, and I do think she's very pretty.

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