Friday, June 1, 2012

I was on the news!

Sure, it's not quite reporting the news yet, but it's still pretty cool to have been interviewed for a local news story.

Over at Grays Harbor Down, I wrote an article describing my alligator sighing from Wednesday night. Today, Richard Thompson from KIRO-7 reached out to me on Twitter to interview me for a bit more detail. I didn't have much more to give him than I wrote on my own, but they found out a little bit more than I did.
Man spots alligator in Hoquiam river - KIRO 7
I didn't manage to get to a TV to watch the news story, so if anyone sees it online, please link it to me. I've heard positive things, and want to see how the full story was reported and played out. Did anyone else get a chance to watch it?


Anonymous said...

i missed the story about the gator in Grays Harbor, but do believe if someone saw it in a river (if it was a gator) that it had to be a pet let loose, but it would not survive of course because they need warmer waters then we have here, and think it is disgusting people get pets and just turn them loose any place knowing they will not survive, or (the person) they are just plane stupid !!!!!

Justin Barlow said...

I agree that it had to have been set loose by someone. And as the article says, that pet store apparently sold a dozen alligators before they were told to stop.

Unfortunately, people can be stupid and horrible like that.

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