Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Or, "Brain Retrain and Smartphone Dumbing".

In light of feeling like I might be too reliant on my smartphone, I'm going to buy a planner/agenda/whatever-they're-called. You know, the thing where you write (by hand!!!) phone numbers, events and appointments on the calendar, and things to remember in the note area.

I hadn't thought much of it until I realized how bad I can be with phone numbers. Do you know your best friend's cell phone number? I just barely do, and that's a recent development -- but I can tell you what his home phone number was ten years ago when he still lived around here. There are maybe a dozen (or two) numbers in my phone that I actually remember, at the most, but I can remember numbers that were cancelled by my friends' families years ago. Appointments and events? Not a chance, unless I write them down on the dry-erase calendar above my desk -- and I need a finer-tipped pen before I can do that in such small areas.

Obviously my smartphone will still be important, since I don't have internet access most days of the week. Emails like my pay stubs and for cooperation with people whose phone numbers I don't have will still be a necessity, and I still plan on using it to entertain myself and keep up with sites that I follow. For the most part, though, let's see how this next month or so goes.


Charles said...

Saw your tweet brother. Sorry I haven't been actively participating your blog of late. I'm kinda spacey, as you know. I have tried to do a "notebook" before. It's too hard. It becomes this one extra thing I have to carry. I only know a few phone numbers by memory nowadays. I think that's ok though. It's like storing information in a meta-mind which is easily accessible at all times. Same concept with wikipedia. I don't know everything on wikipedia off the top of my head, but with it there I have "potential knowledge" of almost anything I could want to know about, and can conjure it up instantly.

We live in a cool time.

Justin Barlow said...

It's all good, man. That tweet was mainly to bring eyes to your most recent post, which was incredibly well-written, and posed interesting concepts.

I think, overall, my goal with this is to improve my memory for details. It seems like it isn't as good as it used to be, and I want to fix that.

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