Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The day giveth, and the day taketh away

Yesterday was, in a word, wonderful. Another good word would be "productive", wiith a note of peculiar before work. Here's a list of what I was able to get done:

-- started the blog for Harbor Humanism, and made an attempt to start getting the word out to people

-- learned a few more html and css tricks, when setting up that site's new layout design

-- got some of my laundry done

-- set up a schedule for one of my days off to get some important stuff done, and some less important stuff

Aaaand then the day got less good. Work was okay for the first hour, and then I had a beer theft. Honestly, those things fuck up my whole night, and my good mood was gone.

Then came the fun of essentially getting blamed/guilted for it because its not the first time its happened to me. Lots of fun. It makes me wish for the days in movies and tv where stores like Murphy's could have a weapon of some sort behind the counter. Y'know, just as a discouragement.


Penny Lane said...

Productivity is a great too bad I never experience it. I mean, with the internet and all. Yes, I am blaming the interwebs.

Justin Barlow said...

Yes! The internet is entirely at fault! ... Unless it gets me the opportunity that I'm trying for. In that case, the internet will be forgiven. :D

Oh, who am I kidding? I love the internet, I could never be mad at it for long.

Also, because I was rushed on this post, I left out the Biggest Thing that happened! But I'll post that over at Grays Harbor Down pretty soon. (

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