Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have so many issues…

So, I sort of went a few days a week without blogging.

I don’t even have the “no internet” excuse this time.

Then again, I have a smartphone, so I don’t really EVER have that excuse now…


The main reason is actually the same reason for this title. I have issues. Lots of them. And no, I’m not talking about my (comparatively) small comic book collection. The mental issue that’s kept me from blogging? Not being able to come up with a title. If all else fails, I’ll start looking to my extensive music collection. Lots of good band names, song names, and album names that can be used, right? And lyrics!


Anyway, the last few days have been pretty busy. Remember that job interview I had with 7-11? Well, a couple days after that, they called and said they’d gone with someone else. Then, two days ago, they called again and said that someone quit and they had an opening if I wanted it. I hopped on that like a flea to a dog (it’s a weak metaphor, I know. I could do better), and took the drug test and started training yesterday morning.




They’re accommodating my current job’s work schedule, which means that on the days I work at the hotel, I work at 7-11 that morning, as least this week. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are all 19 hour days. Up at 6am – by the way, when did that shit start to exist, and WHY? – and off to south Aberdeen to start work at 8am. Then, off work there around 2pm, and waiting for a bus back to Aberdeen station. THEN, spending almost an hour on the bus heading to Ocean Shores, to work at the hotel until 10pm. Home around 11, winding down and finally asleep around 1am.


But you know what? It’s worth it. Every little bit helps, especially with my trip in three weeks, because having fun over there might take a little bit of moneys.


I tried to get a little bit of vlogging done on breaks from the computer training, but I won’t be using any of what I got today. Maybe I’ll get something tomorrow! :D


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