Thursday, March 10, 2011

“I’m free! It’s time to conquer EARTH!”

Well, not so much ‘conquer’ earth as ‘decimate any/all life’. But really, it’s pretty close to the same thing.

The last few days, I’ve been killing time at work by playing Pandemic 2, and attempting to replicate my past successes at creating diseases that will DESTROY ALL HUMAN LIFE! Admittedly, I’ve failed in some way every time I’ve played lately, but that’s only a minor setback.


On the “not training to become a supervillain” side of things, I’m not too pleased with my work schedule. I have the next six days off, which would be awesome if I didn’t have a trip coming up, and wasn’t trying to save up money (aside from paying rent/bills). The up-side of it is that it gives me the next six days to look for a new job, if the weather permits. A local hotel is (still, according to Worksource’s website) looking for an assistant general manager, so I’m going to try for it!


The start of this weekend should be pretty good, if my current plans continue. Food and fun times with some local people, and the Great West Coast Craic on Saturday! I can’t wait, it’ll be my first time seeing Ockham’s Razor live in the three years (ish) that I’ve been listening to them. Wahoo!


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