Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OH! I forgot to mention something!

The Canucks won today! Woohoo! (I’ve become a hockey fan, and root for three teams – the Washington (no, not the state) Capitals, the Calgary Flames, and the Vancouver Canucks (they’re the closest we have to a local team). Flames got their asses kicked (6-3, Sharks won), though. That hockey talk isn’t what I forgot, though. Or at least not the main thing.


The main thing is that today was a great day for me to be a comic fan. New Green Lantern/Green Lantern Corps issues, new (slightly disappointing) Justice League of America, new (fantastic) Justice League: Generation Lost, and the launch of the new FF series (stands for Future Foundation, and it takes the place of Fantastic Four). The issue of FF had a scene with all of the FF building residents – including new teammate Spidey – sitting down to dinner, and an amusing all-encompassing way to say grace.




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