Thursday, May 10, 2012

All is well. :)

Today was pretty great, in case you were wondering. (You were, I could tell!) Sure, I had to use 2/3 of my paycheck that I just got today, but shit happens.

It wasn't really any one specific thing that made today great, it was just the overall enjoyment that I got from it. There was no depressed feeling weighing me down, and I was laughing at my own silly/stupid jokes throughout the day -- "teflon kitty litter" is still making me chuckle.

The Blue Lantern Corps symbolizes hope. They're my favorite Corps, and their recurring phrase is "all will be well". Today, it was.


Jay said...

I strongly believe that laughing at my own stupid/silly/(according to my boyfriend)corny jokes is the key to my happiness.

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