Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why do they keep ruining Mister Terrific?

When you have something good, why not run with it?

Mister Terrific (Michael Holt) is a pretty awesome character. He's one of the few minority main characters, the 3rd-smartest character in the DC Universe, a self-made businessman and partially tech-powered hero, and in most iterations of the character, an atheist.

To me, that last part is awesome. My preferred versions of the character have him rationalizing the gods and magic of the DC Universe as simply being different -- advanced, whatever. Many pieces of fiction point out that to ancient people in our world, we would seem magical and godlike, and that's the viewpoint that Michael Holt seems to operate from.

The problem is that he can't seem to keep a title going by himself, which is a shame. I'm going to buy/borrow/read it soon, but from the Wiki description I read, the newest series that DC has put out might have made him a religious man. It might be talking about an alternate-universe version, but I'm not sure, because the main comic is itself in an alternate universe from the main DCU featured in Justice League and the like.

I think that he's one of the characters that I would love to write, if my writing eventually includes a career in comic books. It's not any one specific part of him, but the combination of it all that appeals to me. Honestly, I think I'd greatly enjoy writing a team of DCU underdogs: Mister Terrific, Ragman, Blue Devil, Deadman, etc. Maybe I'll write some of that out for fun one of these days anyway.

EDIT: Having talked with someone who did read the eight issues that DC put out, it looks like they didn't make him religious this time around. He doesn't openly state atheism, but he does correct someone using science when they say "you had the faith in us", he states a disbelief in an alien character's "Seven Gods", and says he doesn't believe in ghosts. So, he's at least a skeptic. The Wiki article must have been referring to some other Mister Terrific shenanigans. Stupid confusing crap.


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