Thursday, May 3, 2012


-Hey, dude. We're both off at 10pm. Any chance I could get a ride home?-
-Sure. Where do you work tonight?-

That was the start of it. Since I am without a car (read: broke as hell), and the bus doesn't run that late, I had to ask Tony for a ride home. We were both off around the same time, and even though he's moved out of town, he still works for another Murphy's store. I felt bad for having him drive in the opposite direction he needed to go to get home, so I offered to buy him some grub.

$10 at Taco Hell and a ten minute car ride later, we were at my place, and bullshitting about a lot of shit. Some of it was recent past (like the Mafia games at 9thWonders), and some of it was my stupidity-as-a-kid (there's a lot more than I'd like to admit. Then we started talking about work we'd been trying to find that wouldn't be minimum-wage, soul-crushing Murphy's. And a glorious word was born, brought forth from the head of Tony, as Athena was birthed from the head of Zeus. That word? "Managatorial".

TONY: "So I checked out that (well-known rent-to-own company) position, and it's for assistant manager. Neither of us are really qualified. We don't have managatorial experience."

I picked on him for it, but a Google search reveals that he's not the only idjit to come up with it. There were a lot of shitty resum├ęs for people with "managatorial epxreinse" (and other atrocius misspellings), who couldn't think of the words "management" or "managerial". And, at the end of the conversation with him, we've agreed on a few things to share. He's got a few spelling/word errors like that, and we still chuckle about a few of the older ones.

Anyone want to help me make "managatorial" a thing?


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