Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm not really sure what to write about tonight. My brain hurts a little bit, and I left my headache stuff at home. Today sucked, just a bit. Bad news yesterday, followed by being late to a shift I'd been called in for -- and getting there without being even more late required shelling out $13 for a cab ride.

But I'm back in Boomland, and ready to relax. Until work tomorrow night, "everything's shiny captain, not to fret". Anything after work tomorrow night, I'll have to let you know as things go.


kelly said...

Dang. I hope you're feeling better soon. Maybe one of those ungrateful cats will give you some LOVE.

Justin Barlow said...

I wouldn't say I feel bad, so much as a strong sense of "BLAH". Probably doesn't help that my body's used to sleeping shortly after work, and I'm feeling a bit tired now.

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