Sunday, May 6, 2012

Long-time friends are kind of awesome. Even if they're very different from you, the fact that they have stuck around that long means that they probably think pretty similarly, at times.

The last couple nights, I've been working with Tony at the Hoquiam branch of Murphy's. Only for a few minutes while we go through the shift change stuff, but it's still fun. On Friday, I showed up a few hours early, because I had a horrible cough and wanted some cough drops. I told him the premise for my "Uh, Domino's..." post the other day, and his reaction was the same as mine was in the post. He even went a little creepy with it and pretended to rub his hand on something before pretending to lick said hand. Considering that's exactly one of the things I suggested, it made me laugh (which, of course, sent me into a coughing fit).

AND its his damn fault that I've been sick. I was fine until I got a ride home from him on Thursday, and then the next day, I had this cough and some sinus issues. It's mostly gone, but he finally realized it was probably his fault -- earlier that day, he'd had someone sick in his car. Now that Tony's getting it too, he's accepting the blame... fucker.

Anyway, I'm going to go back to listening to TANcast. And then getting ready for that work shit. Different Murphy's location again -- not my local store, and not "my" store. Argh.


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