Friday, February 10, 2012

STOP. Nerdy time

Time for the polar opposite to yesterday's sports talk: COMIC BOOKS.

I've been a nerd for a lot longer than I've been interested in any sports, but I only started reading comics a few years ago, when Nathan visited the States and got me interested in Green Lantern. Now I read a bunch of titles, and want to mention a few that have been REALLY interesting lately.

That is a cyborg Captain America punching Iron Man in the face, while Jamie Madrox watches. How can that not appeal to a comic book fan?!

Peter David's doing some great writing for this series, and it's fun getting to see these alternate universes that Madrox (AKA "Multiple Man") is shifting around between. And with the characters in the main Marvel-verse, we get to see a couple members of the old school X-Factor back in the game: Havok and Polaris!

As far as I'm concerned, this is the stand-out of the DC "new 52". It's my favorite DC title, and hopefully one that keeps selling and doesn't get cancelled.

Currently, writer Jeff Lemire has the title on a collision course with Scott Snyder's SWAMP THING run, as Buddy Baker (the superhero Animal Man) and Alec Holland (formerly, and soon to be again, Swamp Thing) both clash against the third force of life. Buddy and his daughter are connected to "the Red", through animal life. Alec is connected to "the Green", the plant life. The third force is "the Rot", which is threatening to overtake them both.

This one is another that I talk about all the time. It's one of the few comics I've fallen in love with that has nothing to do with superheroes whatsoever.

In a world where the Avian Flu cost the lives of millions, chicken has been outlawed. As a result, the USDA and FDA have become two of the highest branches of law enforcement. Enter Tony Chu, a detective with the strange ability to receive psychic flashes from any and all foods he eats or drinks... except beets.


I'm trying to think of good shit to write about, I really am. Also, going to go home and make that video that I owe you guys. So, I'll go do that, since my laptop battery is about to die. See ya!


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