Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sometimes, I'm pretty awesome

Know what a great way to wake up is? A damn good breakfast.

Know what a damn good breakfast is? One of my BREAKFAST BURRITOS!

I made these a few days ago, and since the package of steak I used turned out to be a LOT when I diced it up, I used up the rest of the tortillas. Filled them with steak, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and some cheddar jack cheese, folded them up, and then tossed them back in the resealable bag that the soft tortillas came in and froze them. Reheat, maybe pan-fry a little bit to make it golden-brown and crispy, top it with salsa, and proceed to OM NOM NOM.

Now that I've started doing that, I think I'm going to use the "cook a lot, freeze, reheat one at a time" method more often. It lets me control what goes in the foods I'm eating, and is a handy way to preserve leftovers for a little while. Plus, who doesn't love a good burrito, amirite?

I would give a recipe, but there wasn't really a whole lot to it. I'd bought a pack of "beef tips for stew" because it was a way to get a good price on steak that I was going to dice up anyway. The hash browns were pre-packaged, and I scrambled up about seven or eight eggs to go with it all. You can probably make it healthier by making your own hash browns rather than buying them pre-made, which I'm thinking about.

What are some other good burritos that I could try and make? I'm definitely buying more steak and tortillas on payday, but I'm thinking about barbecue beef (or chicken), maybe some sort of red pepper chicken, and all sorts of other varieties. I like the idea of burritos as a good thing to start with.

OH! And I bought a slow cooker! But we can talk about that whenever I actually use it. Probably within the next week or so. :)


Kimmy said...

Wow impressive. My breakfast is either waffles or cereal. I can cook eggs and make an ok omlet, but I never have enough time to make a good breakfast. When I think burritos, I think of steak and avocados. I guess that would make it a fajita dish. XD

the Tsaritsa said...

Mmm, burrito! You can try a tofu scramble burrito with guac and ranchero sauce-- that would be healthy and also delicious.

Justin Barlow said...

@Kimmy - Steak and avocados? Sounds like a good combo, I might have to make something of it. I work graveyard shift and do little besides work and sleep, so I know that whole "never have enough time" feeling. Take a half hour on a day off and make some sort of breakfast burritos like these and freeze them. You won't regret it!

@Tsaritsa - You know what? I've never cooked with tofu. I might have to take you up on that. I've got a killer "spicy beef and bean burrito" recipe that I'm putting together, but that might be next. Also, adapting some things like chicken pad thai into burritos interests me. :D

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