Monday, February 20, 2012

I probably look like I'm working hard

Which would be because I am. I'm getting to work about half an hour early tonight, which means one thing: working on Project: SAMSON.

I think this is the first time mentioning the name publicly, so here's the gist -- I'm scripting a comic book project, designed to be a six-issue limited series. it's about the military, superpowers, and muuuuurder. All in all, I've enjoyed coming up with it.

Until lately, I've kind of been slacking on it, but I've been working more on it, and tonight is some serious crunch time. Which works perfectly for me, as I have the next three (or more, I don't know until the schedule's out) days off from my wage-slaving.

So, I'll see ya when I unbury my head! :D


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