Friday, February 24, 2012

Resume: SENT

I wouldn't say that I'm miserable at my current job - I'm okay with it most of the time - but I don't exactly look forward to going to it.

If you didn't know where I work, I won't name names. But it's a store in a nationwide chain of 24-hour convenience stores with a numeric name and a bad reputation of having a clientele made up solely of drug addicts and shady folks. I wouldn't completely agree on the rep, but on graveyard shift (which I work), I certainly get my share of shady folks.

But I used to work at a hotel. Other than the boss who made the experience a living hell, I liked it. So, when I saw a job in the newspaper at a hotel, asking for a year or more front desk experience (I have over three years), I decided to call about it. Talked with the dude, who seemed thrilled to have someone with experience calling - and from a rival hotel, no less - and sent in my resume tonight. I'm hoping for good things, and that if he gets in touch with my current employer, that it doesn't have any negative impact on me like a lessened schedule or anything. Working for minimum wage, I can't really afford that sort of cut.

Also, I made delicious sweet and sour steak with rice. Marinated the steak for a full day. Loooove. :D Apologies for the bad picture quality. It's from my cell phone.


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