Wednesday, February 29, 2012


And by "it", I mean my latest monstrous idea in the kitchen. I consider myself experienced with spices, and frequently order my food as spicy as possible when I get takeout, so take this into account when I say:

I'm a little afraid of what I've decided to do.

After doing a Google search and realizing that marinating ground beef is a thing and not just a crazy idea of mine, I decided to finally kill my taste buds. Or, at the very least, make a super-spicy burger that will beat the little bastards into submission. Those that survive will worship this burger as their god, and consider the fallen ones to be that god's sacrifices. I'm planning on calling it "Barlow's Five-Alarm Fire Burger" until I come up with something better.

It's also going to be being recorded, so there's that. I'll share the recipe then, once I know if it's a tasty - albeit fiery - treat, or an unholy abomination that needs never walk the face of this planet again. I have a feeling my colon will think the latter, regardless of how it turns out.


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