Saturday, February 25, 2012


... Maybe.

Okay, that might have been slightly too dramatic a title, but I decided to hold off a post I'd thought about in favor of relating the events of this morning. Events that may, or may not, turn out to be the herald of the undead hordes.

Meet Dee. We'll just call her Dee for now, because her real name starts with a D, and I haven't yet gotten her permission to use her name on here. You see, Dee is a manager at one of the three stores that my boss owns. Because she was working on the books today, it was her job to be up and at Top Foods bright and early to pick up fresh doughnuts for out doughnut case at the store.

When she got to the store and was counting them, she looked at me and said "So do you want to hear about my horrifying Top Foods experience today?" Of course I agreed, and she related to me the story that may or may not mean that brain-hungry flesh-eaters are out to get us....

It seems that she was innocently waiting outside part of the building to get the doughnuts, and heard what can only be described from her imitation as a long, low, zombie-like groan coming from the dumpster. One of the Top Foods employees had forgotten to lock up the dumpster, and while it might have been just some homeless person or tweaker (or both) who was too out of it to verbalize anything beyond that -- well, let's just say I'm sharpening my blades when I go home.

Disclaimer: I don't actually believe that this is the sign of a zombie apocalypse, nor that there will be one. I just like to have fun, and this was a much better blog post in my head than it turned out to be. #FAIL


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