Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is getting a little awkward...

In the last month, I've seen look-alikes of FOUR of my online friends. One of them, I could've sworn was one of my New Jersey friends, and others were close doppelgangers, but not perfect.

Side note: My mother and I were arguing about the word doppelganger the other day. She'd never heard it and thought that it was "fucking dumb". I told her it's because she's not a sci fi fan, and that it's not "gay" like she said. I've given up on trying to stop her use of "gay" as an insult towards something, because there's no hope for her. Trust me, listen to her swear some time. You'll give up hope for her too.

This one's a short one again, because I'm working under a time-crunch. I have a whole eight minutes before I have to get ready for work, or I'd have researched some of the topics presented to me by my awesome Twitter friends. Like Matt's suggestion of a very unjust prison sentence, or Nikki's suggestion of a recent Virginia law that might also have a bullshittery rating high enough for me to have a brainsplosion on here.

Anyway, time for me to get ready. I'm going to work on some posts for the topics suggested. :D


the Tsaritsa said...

Yeah, you can't really argue about that kind of stuff with people who are set in their ways. But doppleganger is a German word, but that doesn't mean it's gay-- even when Bruno says it.

I had doppleganger in a post title this week, too :)

Anonymous said...

There was one summer where I went camping and all the friends that I made reminded me of someone from home. It was crazy!!

Justin Barlow said...

@Tsaritsa - Unfortunately, I agree. Some people are just stubborn as hell. And I saw your post! I knew exactly who it was going to be when I saw the picture of you. :P

@Em - Physically, or personality-wise? Because these people, a few of them were REALLY close in appearance.

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