Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CURSES! Foiled again!

No real plan today, like yesterday. Just a short, doing-it-before-bed (giggity), stream of consciousness post.

I decided last night that I really like Nightwish's most recent album, "Imaginaerum". It's got a lot of different styles musically, and a great sound overall. That probably puts me in a bad spot with any of the hardcore "Nightwish sucks with Tarja" crowd, but oh well. It's good music, and I'm actually a little interested in seeing the movie of the same name, that will (heavily?) feature the music from the album.

Also, I've got posts coming up, in other places! I've got a post in the works for Grays Harbor Down that's connected to yesterday's marriage equality post, and the other one, I'll share when it's posted.

Lastly, I really wish they'd stop pushing back the release date for the final Wheel Of Time book. Late 2012 is the last straw! It was supposed to be late 2011, and then early 2012! Sure, I'll still buy it if it gets pushed back again... but I won't be happy about it.

Anyway, sleep time. It's getting hard to keep my eyes open, and if I keep making typos, I'm bound to miss one before posting. Argh.


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