Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mr. Green, line one...

Wow, if I talk about shit or use the word "fuck", people LOVE it. That's what I've been the most hits from, and I really don't have a problem being foul-mouthed. :D Hopefully things will be getting more interesting soon, but if not, I've got stuff to write about anyway.

Friday was pretty interesting. Not only did I find someone else in my bed, but about half an hour after blogging about it, I got the most hilarious "wrong number" call that I've probably ever had. My number must've been recycled from someone else's (before 2007, when I got it), because I've gotten three or four calls for a Sue. This one, though, was for a guy named John, and they were speaking in code. Good old-fashioned hitting a wrong button.

Mystery caller: "John! I --"

Me: "Who's John?"

M.C.: "Uh, this isn't John? I'm trying to get Mr. Green."

Me: "Mr. Who?"

M.C.: "Fuck. Think I got the wrong number." *click*

Afterwards I thought about it, and the tone he was talking in, and decided that he was almost definitely trying to get weed. I took to Twitter and posted my humorous reaction to it (the above might not be word-for-word, but it's pretty close), and got a few funny responses. If I wasn't so tired, I might've realized what he was calling about while I still had him on the phone, and I could've had some fun with it.

Here's what Kelly asked:
"Did you say really loudly, 'Are you trying to acquire some of the 'marijuana' the kids are smoking?'"

If I'd said that, I'd've gone all out with it, too. Pronounced it as horribly as I could, more along the lines of "Marry-jew-wanna". But then again, there's a possibility that it could've turned out like the guy in Shelton who recently got bludgeoned to shit recently, and that wouldn't have been a good thing.

Lastly, I filed taxes today, and had a little bit of April Fool fun on Twitter. It's my only one for the day, but it should be fun to see what sites are doing goofy shit. I'm off to go explore the internet! ... and maybe have a sandwich. I'm a little hungry.


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