Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Challenge, ACCEPTED

It's been a while since I mentioned him, but remember Tony? We've been friends for a long time, and he knows my love of spicy foods -- he can't stand them, but since he knows I love them, he issued me a challenge when I got to work tonight.

Koibito Sushi in Lacey has one of those "eat ___ in ____ (time)" contests, and now that Tony's told me about it, I am down like a clown. According to Tony, it's a spicy tuna roll with habaneros, jalapenos, and "ghost pepper". A blog post that I found that talks about it says that the sauce the peppers are in seems like mostly sriracha sauce.

If I successfully eat it all in half an hour, I get a cool shirt, a free sushi roll, and 10% off for life as long as I wear the shirt when I go in there. It sounds like fun, and a good way to see just how much spicy food I can handle -- plus, if I have 10% off forever (as long as I wear the shirt), it'll give me an excuse to go back to Olympia and visit Jim and Wendy more often. :D


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