Thursday, April 12, 2012

Part One: Screen Doors, ReStores, and Drunken Boors

So, I missed blogging yesterday. And, really, before 7pm, I have no excuse as to why I missed yesterday.

It might happen, you know? I've been blogging (mostly) steadily for just over two months now, and I've realized that blogging daily is not for the faint of heart or boring of life -- the first, not me. The second of those two? Yeah, sometimes that's me. Allow me to recap some of the highlights of the last 26-ish hours...

My friends Amanda and A.J. (a married couple) have a game night that typically is every other Wednesday. I've known about it since October, when I went to a Halloween party (that was actually the day before Halloween) there, and I think I've had Wednesday off and the money to get over there... once. In the last seven months. Yeah.

But, I had yesterday off (which is necessary, because "game night" involves drinking), and bought my April bus pass earlier this month, so my way over there was secured. Fireball in hand, I made my way over to Amanda and A.J.'s and had a good time hanging out with friends and doing stupid things -- neither of those two, I can do often enough.

Today was less fun. Payday, which really means "pay my bills day". $80 to Verizon, $150 to the PUD for power bill (part of it was a past-due balance), and then it was off to our sad, rundown little mall. See, I just found out that they put in a Habitat for Humanity ReStore there, and since we need a new screen door, I wanted to check there first. They didn't have any, but if we haven't gotten one at Home Depot by Wednesday of next week, they said to check with them again then. I like the concept of the ReStores though, so I think I might wait until Wednesday and see.

There's a lot more, but I just looked at the clock and I'm not sure that I can be done with this post in the few minutes I have left before work. So, I leave you with this:



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